The One Thing That Makes You Powerful Beyond Measure

I was listening to the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast this week and Delatorro McNeal II was talking about the nature of every tree having only one trunk but many branches and limitless leaves and flowers.

People are the same. We have one central gift that defines the basis of everything we stand for.

Think back to when you were a kid. What did you love to do after school?

-Identify your gift. Embrace it. Water it. And Share it With OthersWhere does your mind wander to when you are feeling stressed?

What do people compliment you on over and over and over?

THAT is your trunk and it is the foundation with which you bless yourself and others.


Many Trees – One Spectacular Forest

One of my friends is an excellent hostess. Her home is beautiful and she is very comfortable entertaining. That is her trunk, not mine.

Another friend can come up with endless games and crafts to play with her children. That is her trunk, not mine.

Your trunk is your gift, but when combined with everyone else’s, we are a powerful forest.

Learn who are AND who you aren’t. And accept it. Don’t try to be a square peg in a round hole. Instead, find a friend who can be the round peg really, really well.

Identify your gift. Embrace it. Water it. And share it with others.




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