The Joys of a Mystery Road Trip

To get the weekend off to a fun start, we decided to jump in the air-conditioned car and go on a Mystery Road Trip!

The Joys of a Mystery Road TripWhat is a Mystery Road Trip, you ask? It’s an adventure that it virtually cost-free and a LOT of fun. I first learned about it on the Parenting Adventures podcast from My Kids Adventures.

Friday was the start of a long weekend, so I picked my daughter up a little bit early and her first instruction was to choose which way to turn out of the parking lot. She chose “right” and our adventure had begun!

These were the ground rules that we established:

  • The timer would go off every 4 minutes and she would need to choose a direction: left, right or straight
  • No turning into subdivisions. They are boring and you quickly get trapped and can’t get out
  • If she found something interesting, we would stop and discover it and log it with a photo

In a short amount of time, we were in unfamiliar territory and  discovering all kinds of new things that were not too far from our house.

Now, I have to tell you that we began it on Friday night, but a storm rolled in and we needed to continue it on Saturday, but it was so much fun.

On Friday night, we turned left and saw a bakery that we didn’t know about. She screamed, “LET’S GO IN!” If you take a look at rule #3, you will note that we HAD to go in. We snapped a quick photo in front of the sign and then went inside to have chocolate donuts for dinner. We looked at fancy cakes and laughed about our crazy adventure and how, “I bet nobody else in the world is having donuts for dinner!” Then we jumped back in the car.

Fast forward to Saturday when we picked up the trip. This one was even better. We reached an intersection, my daughter said, “Straight” and we headed down a road we had never been down. That was when we spotted it.

A skate park! Pull Over!

We turned down to look at the skate park and saw the most amazing playground with mushrooms and rope bridges complete with a splash pad. What an incredible discovery.

“Mommy, can I go in the water in my dress?”

“Heck, yes, you can!”

She played at the park for almost 2 hours with a little boy that she had never met. I got to read and talk to my husband. It was a perfect day…and it cost a total of about $5 for gas and donuts.

If you have never been on a mystery road trip, I encourage you to do it…with or without kids. We also discovered an Irish pub that looked like a pretty great place to check out another time.

Cheers to adventure!

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