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Yes. I noticed

I noticed how your eyes lit up when you saw that your stocking had been filled. I noticed the excitement when you saw that two of the cookies were gone and your confusion that one was still left. I no... Read More

Point at Yourself

Did you do it? No? Do it! Point at yourself. Where did you point? Right in the middle of your chest? Near your heart? I’m pretty certain where you didn’t point….your head. We instinc... Read More

To Be 23 and Hot

I went to lunch today with a friend of mine and I saw a girl, about 23, walking through the parking lot and I said, “I wouldn’t be upset if I woke up tomorrow and looked like her.” T... Read More

When Anger is Useful

I was listening to the Law of Attraction podcast on Stitcher Radio and her guest, Patrick Ryan was talking about anger. He mentioned a story about when someone asked the Dalai Lama if he ever gets ang... Read More